Dear Patients of Dove Canyon Optometry,


We are happy to report that we have resumed routine vision care.  With COVID-19 still being a very serious concern, we have implemented several new safety policies that we believe will enable us to provide quality, ongoing care while ensuring the safety of our patients, doctors and staff.


Effective May 15, 2020:


1.  Masks.  Masks are required to be worn at all times, over the nose and the mouth, by all patients, doctors and staff.  Please help us provide a safe environment for everyone by strictly adhering to this policy.  We know that trying on glasses can be difficult with a mask – so we are happy to step outside with you so you can see your top frame contenders without your mask on.


2.  Temperature Check.  We are checking the temperatures of all patients, doctors, and staff using a forehead thermometer.  Anyone presenting with a temperature of 100.0 F or above will not be permitted to enter.


3.  Curbside / Storefront Pick-up.  To reduce the number of people in the practice at any one time, we are asking that you remain in your vehicle (when picking up contact lenses) or wait at the front door (when picking up glasses or having glasses repaired/adjusted).


4.  Patients Only.  Also, to reduce the number of people in the practice, we ask that you come alone to your exam (rather than have friends or family accompany you).  Exceptions:  1) You may have ONE friend or family member assist you in selecting your glasses; 2) A minor should be accompanied by an adult guardian.  In both cases, the non-patient must also wear a mask and have his/her temperature checked.


5.  Check-in From Parking Lot.  When arriving for an exam/appointment, please call us from the parking lot.  Rather than wait inside the practice, we are asking that you wait in your vehicle (or in the chairs provided outside the front of the practice) until we are ready to get you started.


It is not our nature to be excessively “rulesy” but it is our belief that the present circumstances require that firm policies be adhered to.  Out of consideration for others, we ask for your cooperation and support.  Anyone showing disregard for these policies or for the well-being of others will be asked to leave.