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Exceptional Eyewear

Precision, Style, and Innovation

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See Your Best + Look Your Best

Designer Frame Lines

Our designer frame collections feature unique pieces from boutique lines as well as the best-selling models of the popular brands eyeglass wearers know and love.

Blue-Tech Lenses for Computer Users

The average American now spends 6 hours each day in front of light emitting displays (computers, tablets, phones).  This puts extraordinary amounts of strain on our visual system - more than ever before.  We know from research that it is blue light in particular that causes the most glare, strain, and visual fatigue.  There is also good reason to believe that blue light, over time, has the potential to damage our eyes in a similar way as UV light.  For all of these reasons, we are proud to offer Blue-Tech Anti-Reflective coating on our lenses.  This coating reduces glare coming from all colors of light but with an emphasis on reducing blue light transmittance.  This results in better vision, less strain, and protection for your eyes.

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Blue light causes eye strain, fatigue, and potentially permanent retinal damage

With Blue-Tech lenses, you can block 30% of artificial blue light and 100% of harmful UV wavelengths.

Digital Progressive Lenses

Not all progressives are equal.  The latest technology in lenses takes into account much more than just your prescription: by incorporating advanced measurements (how far your lenses sit in front of your eyes, how wrapped your frame is, and the degree of lens tilt), we are able to create progressive lenses that are completely customized for you.  These advancements reduce the amounts of swim and distortion common in traditional progressive lenses.  If you are not totally satisfied, we will gladly remake your lenses into a new design at no additional charge.  

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Innovative Contact Lens Designs

We are excited to ​offer the latest contact lens designs and technologies available in the industry.  Our years of experience, patience with challenging fits, and commitment to excellence ensures you the best possible contact lens experience.  Here is just a selection of the many options we offer at Dove Canyon Optometry:

Revolutionary new lens offering outstanding READING vision with the comfort and convenience of a daily disposable lens.

The world's first high-oxygen, daily disposable lens for patients with astigmatism​

A huge advancement in the treatment of keratoconus, the Synergeyes Ultra Health features a rigid center lens surrounded by a soft lens skirt - providing the superior optics of a rigid lens with the comfort of a soft lens.

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"Best frame selections out there as well as sunglasses. Found my new eye doctor!"

-Rich M., Yelp User
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